My Story

I received a Scentsy warmer and scents for my birthday in 2010.  This was my first experience with Scentsy, and based on the quality of the warmer and the wonderful scents, I knew I wanted more of what Scentsy had to offer.  My original goal was just to save money on the items I wanted to buy for myself, and to be able to buy Scentsy at a discount to give as gifts. As I began to talk about and show the Scentsy line of products, I immediately found that my excitement for Scentsy was shared by others as well.  The opportunity to be a part of a company with such quality products, with a business startup cost of only $99, and no pressure to meet unreasonalbe sales quotas is SO AMAZING!.  Since I also work a full-time job, I do not have the time to host countless numbers of home parties.  Many of my customers also work full-time (either inside or outside of the home) and do not have the time or desire to add another event to their already full schedules.  Basket parties are the answer to that.  I put together the mini scent testers, some catalogs, and order forms, and off they go with friends, family, and even those I recently meet.  In their own time and at their own pace, my customers can share the Scentsy fragrances and products with their friends and family at work, home, or anywhere else.  By sharing the Scentsy experience, they can earn free and half price items. How exciting it is to be a part of a company where I can actually save money on products I buy, while at the same time make money by sharing this wonderful Scentsy business opportunity.  I can work as little or as much as I want, set my own goal for how much I want to earn in a month, and either meet or exceed that goal!   If you are looking for "extra" income with the ability to set your own schedule, and really enjoy having a fun experience while doing that, or just want to save money on the Scentsy products you know and love, I welcome you to become a member of the Scentsy family and become a part of my team!  If you love the Scentsy products and want to order, you can choose how much you want to pay for them:  full price, half price, or get them free.  My customers are my business, and would love to provide you with customer care above and beyond your expectations.  Contace me today.     <!--endbody-->